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THE ART OF Architecture

igb Synagogue Basel, Switzerland

Whether you’re an Architect, builder, realtor or home owner,  we’ve got something for you

our story

Max and I met in Jerusalem in 2003.  After our first "working together" experience, we realized that we should keep doing it on regular bases... so, here we are!  


We are two highly professional individuals with vast amounts of experience.  We have over 80 years of combined professional experience in the field of visual communication. From media and book publications to the “silver screen”. From still photography (all formats) through Video broadcasting, to 16mm - 35mm motion pictures. and today we are flourishing in the digital era.


After all these years, we remain excited and super motivated on each project we choose to take on. Getting the message across in a witty, seductive, elegant and appealing manner is the key to our success.

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