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Max Richardson


An American born photographer, living in Israel since 1991. Since 1996 he has made Jerusalem's most revered sites his visual home.


Max’s imaging skills know no boundaries. When presenting photographic lighting workshops at the Hadassah College of Technology in Jerusalem, Max was known to his students as the doctor of light.
His images give us a rare look at the excavations along the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in the book, “The Western Wall Tunnels, Touching the Stones of Our Heritage” (Dan Bahat, Israel Ministry of Defence), and “City of David, The Story of Ancient Jerusalem”, (Ahron Horovitz) and more.


While putting his heart into bringing these renowned sites to the world, Max was the lighting designer for several fine art photography books and exhibitions:


“Historic Synagogues of the World”, Neil Folberg, Aperture Foundation; 

“Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists”, Lin Arison / Neil Folberg Abbeville Press;

“Feast For the Senses, A Musical Oddesy in Umbria” Lin Arison/Neil Folberg, and many more

Other publications include: 

The Jerusalem Post Magazine; Eretz Magazine; El Al Atmosphere 

Portrait 1

Yaakov A. Wolstein

Born in France, raised in Germany, served at the IDF, academic studies in Canada. 

In short, Aesthetics, perfection, Chutzpah, and Dreamer.


OCA   Ontario College of Art (OCAD today) 
Major: Photo Electric Art
 - Specialising in Film and Television. From the early days was representing the film students of Canada at the 17th International UNIATEC Congress (International Union of Technical Motion-Picture Associations). 

In 1989 became a member of CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers).


1991 Visual Communications International - Founded an all-service Production Company specializing in music videos, documentaries, commercials, and industrial. Produced music videos, industrial and training videos, as well as television spots, simultaneously was working as a DOP (Director of Photography).

At that time he founded  GIZMO the Casting Agency.  Specialized in American film productions shot in Canada.

Provided clients such as Fox, Paramount, MGM, as well as independent production companies.·      

Collaborated with directors such as Damian Harris on "Deceived”, Paul Michael Glaser on "The Cutting Edge" and David Kronenberg on “The Naked Lunch” and more.


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